Dog Training at the RWBA

Puppy and Dog Training

We start puppy training or puppy socialization from 4- 6 month of age. We also have Junior dog training classes and as the dog progresses, Intermediate dog training classes as well as Advance dog training classes.

Part of the dog training process is to allow the dog and owner (handler) to build a stronger bond, but for the dog to become more self-confident and to give the owner the necessary tools to manage the dog in a variety of situations which they may face, whether in public or at home.

Why Train a Rottweiler Dog

The Rottweiler dog breed was initially bred to be drover dogs – to herd livestock, to pull carts and to provide protection. Rottweilers are inherently very strong, loving and loyal animals. However, due to their physical strength it is extremely important to provide firm and diligent training for your Rottweiler, ensuring that he / she will execute your commands and maintain discipline. A well trained dog is a well-adjusted dog, ensuring a happy family environment.

We, at the RWBA, have a firm understanding of the Rottweiler Breed and will assist with:

  • Any behavioural concerns that may arise.
  • Assist the owner in getting their dog KUSA Good Citizen Certified
  • Any other assessment for breeding purposes and / or competitions
  • Advice with regards to breeding

The main objective of dog training is to give the owner of a Rottweiler dog the ability to understand, manage and control the dog as well as ensuring that the dog is well-adjusted and integrated into the family system; thereby allowing the family to have fun with their four legged companion at home or in public .