The RWBA Trainers are skilled in training Rottweilers and other dog breeds. Our membrs all have happy, loving and well trained dogs that fit perfectly into their families. 



Sunday 03 August – Training
Sunday 10 August – Training 
Sunday 17 August - NO TRAINING
Sunday 24 August – Training
Sunday 31 August – Training
Sunday 07 September - OFF (Praetor show)



From Pretoria
Take the N1 south to Johannesburg: Take the Allandale Road offramp, turn left into Allandale Road and keep going until you see…

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Congrats to Richard with Lola and Brenda with undercover Alcapone on your qualifying scores in today’s obedience test

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For those trying their paws on the obedience competition tomorrow, good luck

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Have you seen the photos of our Rotties out in public? Check out the gallery on our website:

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